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RC Aerobatics: Red Bull Aerobatic Team Airshow

RC Aerobatics: Red Bull Aerobatic Team Airshow
The Red Bull Aerobatic Team performs a great show at the Lodrino Air Meet in Switzerland, flying 106-inch-span Pitts “Beast” models that are each powered by a 3W 220cc four-cylinder engine. Thanks to Horst Zeller from RC Scale Airplanes for taking and posting this great video.

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  1. Very cool.

  2. Oh my, Have these guys NOT heard of flight line safety? I did not see anything securing the foremost plane to keep it from leaping into the guy starting it. Having seen first hand what a CF prop can do to flesh, I cringe when I see this video.

    1. Yeah they must be amatures

  3. Sweet models wonderfully flown and videographed. A veritible airshow that just got more and more exciting as the performance went on. What a team. And the venue was simply breath-taking! A good day for it too.

  4. Very Good pilots. 3 planes equally decorated and each pilot recognizes its plane, no confusión, no mistakes , amazing All that coordination . Great circus show. Thanks to Model Airplane News for bringing This fantastic videos

  5. Does anybody knows what kits are, and engines used?

  6. Great show
    As for hanging on to plane to stop it jumping at them I the they are too good to let that happen
    The only time I can fly like that is dream time and Evan then something does go wrong
    Keep it up best I have EVER seen

  7. Awesome formation precision aerobatics! Much more interesting than watching a war bird or airliner fly a racetrack pattern for 10 boring minutes.

  8. I was wondering about proper safety restraints during start-up as well. They might be great in the air, but there is substitute for flight line

  9. safety

  10. Safety
    Why don’t u go all the way flying knife edge close to the ground might have a miss hap and into the crowed ,turning into the crowed while doing their maneuvers and so I could go on for ever
    JUST enjoy the flying and not be so critical as the flying was great well done to all including the guy who held plan while starting it
    Again just enjoy what was given to u and get your own team and have a go

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