Incredible Electric EC-135

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This 42-pound machine is powered by 14S 10,000mAh LiPos (that’s four 7S 5000mAh packs!) turning a Leomotion L110/230 motor for a whopping 1150rpm. The fuselage and mechanics are from Helicoptertechnik Schwing and a turbine sound module provides that extra realism. Futaba radio gear and a Futaba GY750 gyro allow this scale beauty to perform beautiful rolls, loops, turns and autorotations. Thanks to F. DLC for taking and posting this great video on YouTube.



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2 Responses to “Incredible Electric EC-135”

  1. junior says:

    ola quanto custa este aparelho

  2. AndyX Anderson says:

    Phenomenal to see such scale beauty! My dad was a helicopter test pilot and always said they’re doing thing no helicopter was meant to do. But that just doesn’t apply to today’s marvels of engineering. Too bad he never lived to see the Tiltrotor!
    Thanks for the great video and odd course great magazine! I’d this doesn’T get your blood going in Ruhr morning, you’re comatose.

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