Min-E Taurus

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An easy-to-build, electric-powered aquatic flyer you can fly anywhere!

A while back, I built a half-scale Prettner “Curare,” called the Min-E Curare, which flew incredibly well. Then while talking RC with MAN senior tech editor Gerry Yarrish, he suggested that a “Min-E Taurus” would also be a lot of fun and affordable too. Therefore, I drew up a simplified, very easy-to-build smaller model of a model. With a 32 1/2-inch wing-span, it’s not quite half-scale, and it can be built for just a few bucks worth of wood and foam. My Min-E models use the old “Ace RC” Mini molded foam wing, which unfortunately, is now out of production. However, FlyingFoam.com can cut cored for just about anything from plans or files, and Bob Hunt (robinhunt@rcn.com) has also agreed to cut them as well.

To read more, click the link to open the PDF: M0312 Min-E Taurus


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