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Vogelsang Aeroscale SEP Laminated Wood Propellers

Jan 21, 2011 No Comments

                                              Your scale masterpiece deserves a beautiful prop! Check out this press release from Vogelsang Aeroscale, who specialize in propellers for radial engines like the Moki (Vogelsang is an official Moki dealer).   [...]

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O.S. Engines 155FS 4-stroke

Jan 18, 2011 No Comments

                            Looking for a compact engine to fit in your scale aircraft’s cowl? This 4-stroke might be the right answer: it offers the power of a larger, 2.00-size engine but is the same size and weight as most 1.20-size 4-strokes!   Here’s [...]

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Thunder Power TP820CD

Jan 18, 2011 No Comments

                       This powerful, high-technology charging system offers the convenience of two chargers in one compact unit! It works with a huge variety of batteries and can fast-charge the latest technology LiPos. Is it the last charger you’ll ever need? Check out the press release direct [...]

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Jan 13, 2011 No Comments

                       recently introduced their new line of aircraft, car and boat lighting using electroluminescent light (EL) wire.  This wire is extremely flexible and can even be knotted if necessary.  Constructed with an internal copper wire that is coated with phosphor [...]

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BP Hobbies F-15 Jet ARF

Jan 11, 2011 No Comments

                                  JET PERFORMANCE ON A PROP!!! This is not your ordinary jet model. This version can be prop driven giving you the ability to run a more efficient setup. This strong all wood built ARF is your ticket to [...]

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Great Planes Waco

Jan 07, 2011 No Comments

                                     This is the radio controlled, glow or electric powered, almost ready to fly                   Waco YMF-5D Biplane from Great Planes. FEATURES:                      Cowl: Painted fiberglass with replica radial engine detail that is secured with hidden cowl rings          Cockpit: Parts included [...]

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Hitec Optima 6 Lite

Jan 05, 2011 No Comments

                              Hitec is proud to announce our lightest, full-range receiver yet, the Optima 6 Lite. We put the already lightweight Optima 6 on a diet and came up with the Optima 6 Lite. Built with a thin Lexan case and weighing [...]

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DLE 170cc Gas Twin Engine

Jan 04, 2011 No Comments

                                                                          Plenty of power on demand at a very affordable price – that’s DLE Engines – and the DLE-170cc [...]

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