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Hitec Full Pack Telemetry System

Hitec Full Pack Telemetry System

Hitec has recently released their new HTS-SS BLUE Full Pack telemetry system for electric powered helicopters, gliders and fixed wing aircraft. At the heart of the system is a compact “Blue” sensor station which collects data from each sensor of your electric powered helicopter, and sends it back to your transmitter via the Optima 7 or Optima 9 omni-directional receivers. And as you can see in the photo there are plenty of sensors in the Full Pack to cover all your needs. These include individual sensors for GPS location, magnetic RPM, optical RPM, voltage, current and temperature. And Hitec also has a telemetry station for those of you flying gas or glow powered helicopters, with an additional fuel sensor. For more information on their telemetry systems and components visit the Hitec website at www.hitecrcd.com.



Updated: July 20, 2015 — 12:09 PM
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