Exceptional Aeronca Chief

Exceptional Aeronca Chief

This beautifully detailed 1/4-scale Aeronca Chief is the handiwork of Icelandic modeler Sturla Snorrason. A completely scratch-built project, the model features traditional wood construction. Sturla notes, “A lot of time went into the drawings along with study of my full size airplane.” A lot of time also went into the detailing, including the true to scale cockpit! This 108-inch-span model weighs in at 14 pounds and is powered by a Saito FA-80 four-stroke. If you’d like to try your hand at building this beauty, plans are available at www.rcsturla.com.


Full size and model

Updated: March 30, 2016 — 10:34 AM


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  1. Nice airplane. Aeronca was one of the planes that is overlooked. I have the microplane version of the Champ. It’s nice to see other versions.

  2. The model should be a good flyer. I owned a full size Aeronca Super Chief. It was a very comfortable and stable aircraft to fly. I intend to build the model someday. FYI- the Super Chief had a larger dorsal fin.

  3. Beautiful airplane and the attention to detail was unbelievable ,but with all that work I think a scale pilot would make it even more rad. Apparently they are use to flying in extreme conditions in Iceland with the sound of the wind and I noticed a flag in the background above one of the buildings that was horizontal . I guess we adapt to the area we fly in .Again a beautiful plane and great flight .
    By the way I ordered the plans .

  4. I learned to fly in a Champ in the 40’s
    and flew the Chief right after and thought it was a real step up in cabin comfort!

  5. Debra,
    As I told you at Toledo, I have enjoyed the MAN e-mails immensely! This Icelandic bird is georgeous.
    Conroe, Tx.

  6. Sturla, Did you buy my Chief N9397E and send it to ICELAND?

    1. TF-LOA was produced in 1946 but was first registered in Iceland on the 30th of July 1997. Before that, it had been registered N9642E in the US, the aircraft was rebuild from Roland Bernier in Winterhafen Florida.

      1. Good evening Sturla,

        I have a similar sized Aeronca Champ.
        I am rebuilding our own full size 11ac Chief with the later streamlined fin, hope to have it back in the air early 2020. Lots of chrome and detail, decided if we were going to rebuild it then I’d do it as best as I can.

        Would you ever consider building an 11ac Chief asca comission build, I’d love to have a model of ours but don’t have the time to construct one. I will purchase a set of yuor plans though this year.


        With kindest regards


  7. Absolutely beautiful! I restored & flew a full scale Chief a few years back. From what I can see in the pictures this is spot on!

  8. BEAUTIFUL 11AC!!!!

  9. Very nice, my 1st flight was in an Aeronca Champ with my dad the pilot. 1954

  10. My fist flight was with my Dad in a 11AC as well. That was in about 1970. It lit a fire that still burns bright today!

    Sturla you have designed and built an absolutely beautiful Chief.


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