Behind the Scenes — RotorDrone Photo Shoot

Behind the Scenes — RotorDrone Photo Shoot

I spent part of the day with staff photographer Peter Hall shooting setup shots for an upcoming article for our new Special Issue “RotorDrone.” We chatted with Marc D’Antonio, owner/operator of FX Models in Terryville, CT and boy, we really got a new point of view of the quickly growing Quadcopter and Drone industry/market. Enjoy the behind-the-scenes peek and pick up the special issue April 22 at newsstands everywhere or get the digital or print version at

RotorDrone Photo Shoot

Marc has started several small companies from RC submarines, to Special Effects for TV commercials and much more. Marc and a team of engineers and scientists are working on projects that will greatly improve the reach of quadcopter technology while making them easier and safer to operate! What to learn more? Be sure to get our first issue of RotorDrone Magazine due out in early Spring.

RotorDrone Photo Shoot

Peter Hall setting up a shot of Marc in his FX Models office.

RotorDrone Photo Shoot

Marc’s a passionate guy for sure! Here he’s showing some screens shots of night ops for one of his quads and another showing waypoints for a quad with GPS tracking.

DJI Phantom

Marc and his small DJI Phantom.


Phantom transmitter with video display screen for FPV flying.

FX Models' Prototype Rotor Drone

FX Models’ Prototype Rotor Drone. It is huge. It weighs 11 pounds and it has a payload lift capacity of 9 pounds! Serious power system.

 RotorDrone Photo Shoot

The protective clear dome sort’a makes the FX Models’ Quad look a lot like Robbie the Robot from the classic Sci fi film Forbidden Planet. A fact not lost with Marc as it was his intent.

 RotorDrone Photo Shoot

Peter Hall adjusting his camera. I can’t count how many times he asked me to get out of the shot! :^)


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  1. I am sorry, but, I think the over commercialization of quads and such are just going to ruin it for the everyday R/Cer. Case in point; I was watching a tv show last night about a famous gun shop in the south. They showed one of the employees flying a quad for fun. Then had the bright idea of hanging a semi-auto pistol off of it with a Go-Pro for fpv so they can market it for killing IED’s! Seriously??

    Is this the direction the hobby wants to go? They even brought in so called R/C experts to help them. The technology they showed and the technology your article is going to show (ability to fly waypoints) is not going to help. There is no doubt the popularity of fpv and quads is growing like mad, but lets not ruin it for ourselves.

    Joe B.

  2. Joe – you can put a gun on an RC car or RC boat or RC plane. I remember the action movies in the 80’s with remote control FPV cars with weapons used by good guys and bad guys. IN THE 80’s! Did we have a rash of terrorists using remote control RC FPV cars shortly after? No. And an RC car is much easier to learn to control than a multi-rotor. I know its something new that you don’t understand therefore you are scared of it. When you say “ruin it for ourselves”, you mean you don’t want them to take away your big wooden airplane full of flammable liquid? Relax, no one is going to take your toys away. And the over commercialization of quads and such has done more to bring a whole new generation of members to OUR hobby than the AMA could ever have done. The point is to bring MORE people into our hobby not criticize their aircraft of choice. Your aspect of the hobby that you and your friends enjoy will NEVER change with the times, right up till the time it dies off.

  3. How about more gun control and less “quad” control? Problem solved.

    1. More gun control? have you seen the gun laws in Ct.? Do you really think the criminals are paying any attention to your gun laws? How about we make it easier to conceal carry!

      The point I was trying to make is that some of the things I have seen lately just cast a reckless hue over the AMA and our sport/hobby. With the current enviroment of just pass another law to quell a complaint or concern from someone not familiar with our hobby, it will be very easy to ground us.

      I fly planes, helis, am new to quads and fpv, but don’t really want it taken away because someone who went to their local hobby shop and bought a quad for their backyard and has no interest in the AMA watched a tv show and got the bright idea of arming it.

      Joe B.

      1. “I know its something new that you don’t understand therefore you are scared of it”

        I know alot more than you think, pal. You shouldn’t assume some things.


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