Blast from the Past! CAD Kaos

Blast from the Past! CAD Kaos

One of my all time favorite RC designs has been the 60 size Kaos designed and flown by famous aerobatic guru Joe Bridi. Many copies have been built and flown over the years, and I even built a newer version using my own CAD drawings.

I had an old dog-eared copy of the plans, so I scanned them and converted them (traced) to produce a new clean copy of the original. Attached to this post is a PDF of my CAD plans from 1989! Feel free to download and build your own Kaos. This is the origional sport version, that lead to the even more popular, retractable landing gear equipped Super Kaos. It’s perfect for anyone interested in a retro senior pattern legal flyer.

One of several 60 size Kaos aerobatic sport flyers built and seen online today.

Click here to download the New CAD Kaos plans.

The PDF measures 35×90 inches and can be printed out a Staples or other office supply outlets.

Updated: May 13, 2020 — 9:25 AM


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  1. It Will be amazing to return to construct and fly this great model that I flew so many years ago.

  2. I have always liked the Kaos ever since it first came out. I’m looking forward to building it.

  3. would you recommend this model after a beginner has mastered the basics of rc flying ? Thank you.

  4. would you recommend this airplane after a beginner learns the basics of rc flying ? Thank you.

  5. The Kaos 60 is a fantastic flying model with no vices due to its thick wing section. I can recommend it as a first low wing model for a solo pilot. I have built and flown at least four of them over the years.

    The CAD drawn plans are very good. However I miss the significant Right- and Down-thrust ( both 3 degrees as indicated on the plans of my first Bridi-kit Kaos in 1975). I do not think it will live up to my description if built without it.

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