Exclusive — Top Flite Gold Edition Giant Scale P-47 Thunderbolt Razorback — Sneak Peek

Exclusive — Top Flite Gold Edition Giant Scale P-47 Thunderbolt Razorback — Sneak Peek

MAN is now working on the newest Giant Scale Warbird ARF from Hobbico the long awaited P-47 Thunderbolt.


This Razorback version has the same great quality and design engineering as the rest of the giant warbirds in the series and our contributor Rick Bell is busy at work assembling the Jug! Here are a few pix Rick sent of the project which just started this past weekend.


Sturdy support for the tail feathers, here are the tubes in place before the stabs are installed.


The stabilizer halves  slide onto the aluminum tubes and then are epoxied into place.


The tailwheel steering uses a pull-pull cable setup and has its own servo.


The electric powered Robart  tailwheel unit is a drop in fit.


I needed to cut a notch in the fuselage so the tail wheel would retract without interference.


Even though I’m using a DLE 61 gas engine to power the mighty Jug, I did cut  the battery hatch, (intended for the electric version), free so that I could hide the switches and other components that are normally installed on the side of the fuselage.


I installed the switches for both the  receiver and ignition system in a convenient location under the battery hatch.


Here the throttle and choke pushrods are adjusted and attached to the carburetor. Note  the outer sleeves for the throttle and choke pushrods are installed and will be cut flush with the firewall. The engine standoffs included with the DLE 61 engine are the correct length for the P-47.


Watch for more updates on this impressive build!

Updated: July 28, 2015 — 1:24 PM


  1. NICE!!!!

  2. More money but love to afford the grace, come along way from the red box days.

  3. I just wish they would ship them!!!! Had one on pre-order since they first announced them..( delivery in “June”)???
    Also can you tell me if there is room in the cowl for a FG.-84 three cyl radial engine or 777 radial?

  4. Nice job on the plane. Had a question about engine selection between DLE 55 and 61. How far past the cowl is the front of the engine drive washer with DLE 61? The Top Flight manual calls for 171mm and it looks like the DLE 61 is 240mm with their stock stand offs. The DLE 55 appears to be 171 with standoffs. Based upon manual, the 55 appears to be a perfect fit. Given you used the 61, did you end up having to modify the firewall or have the front of the engine drive protrude farther past cowling? Appreciate any insights or pictures of engine set-up.

    Kind Regards,


  5. According to the author/reviewer, he used the standoffs that came with the motor (DLE 61) and everything lined up as it should.

  6. I found out that DLE does not have the correct dimension measurements on their description of the DLE 61. They list length as 240mm but the real length is 172mm. DLE should correct their documentation.

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