Florida Jet Week — Special Award Winners

Florida Jet Week — Special Award Winners

Something new happened at Paradise Field in Lakeland, FL this year that captured the attention of a lot of the RC jet modelers. It was a nearly week long gathering, at an excellent facility, of guys who just loved to build, fly and talk about, model jets of all shapes and sizes. It also clearly demonstrated just how far world RCers have reached into the technology with some of their projects, equipment and creations. The get-together was broken into two parts, the new Red Flag competition event, followed by the now well established “Florida Jets” flyfest. Stay tuned for the full event coverage in MAN, and here is the complete list of winners and sponsors from the Florida Jet Week.












Special Awards

Award                                                       Pilot                                    Aircraft                          Sponsor             

Best Military Jet                                     Greg Wright                       F-86 (Canadian)            Model Airplane News

Best Military Jet    Runner-up             Pete Goldsmith                  F-104   (Luftwaffe)       ZAP Glue

Best Sport Jet                                          Joey Tamaz                        Ultra Bandit                   Horizon Hobby

Best Sport Jet    Runner-up                  Bob Violett                         Ultra Bandit                   Global Jet Club

Best Sport Color Scheme                       Aza Stephens                     Rebel Pro                        JetCat USA

Best Civilian Jet                                     Ali Machinchy                    Viper-jet                          Ray & Robin’s Hobby Center

Best Sport Jet Performance                 Pablo Fernandez              Rebel Pro                         DreamWorks R/C

Best Scale Jet Performance                  Ali Machinchy                   F-86 (Luftwaffe)           Elite Aerosport

Best Electric Jet Performance             RJ Gonzalez                        MiG 15                           Hobbico

Best Multi Jet Performance                 Jim Martin                          F-14                                FLYRC

Best Craftsmanship                                  Jack Diaz                           F-86                               Bob Violett Models

Most Outstanding Jet Flight                    Sebastiano Silvestri       Avanti                            King Tech Turbines

Most Outstanding Flight (Runner-up)  Azza Stephens                 Rebel Pro                       Jet Central

Just Plane Crazy                                         Ali Machinchy                Turbo Spitfire                Best of the West Jets

Critics Choice                                        Mark Petrak                      L-39 (Breitling)      ZAP Glue & Model Airplane News


Critics  Choice Runner-up              Greg Wright                       F-86                               Frank Tiano Enterprises


Special Recognition

Mike Adams           Viper-jet                          Sport Flyer Magazine

Ken McSpadden    Viper-jet                          Frank Tiano Enterprises

Rei Gonzalez          T-2 Buckeye                     Spektrum  Radio

Dustin Buescher     5-Hour BVM F-16         EZ Balancer

Scott Harris            T-2 Buckeye                     Fly Girls

Kris Gunter             F-16                                   Powerbox Systems

Jose Melendez        Avanti “Frozen”              JR Americas

Red Flag Winners

Sport Jet class Jason Schulman

Electric Class  Carlos Silva

Scale Class Peter Goldsmith

Intro Class Jose Melendes




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