HobbyKing 1.0M Mini DLG V2 Composite 1000mm (PNF)

HobbyKing 1.0M Mini DLG V2 Composite 1000mm (PNF)

The Hobbyking™ 1.0M Mini DLG V2 is a development of the already hugely popular Mini DLG composite glider.

Just like it’s elder sibling, this latest development is a great looking and competitive DLG with an equally competitive price tag, superb composite construction and a flight performance to match!

Molded from carbon, aramid and fiber glass cloth, this model serves as a fantastic introduction to this fascinating branch of the hobby as well as being highly competitive in the popular “Mosquito” DLG class. Also, with rudder, elevator, aileron and flap control this high performance DLG is just as at home as a light wind slope soarer, where its aerobatic capability is enhanced by the rigid structure.

Opening the box reveals the 1 piece vacuum bagged blue foam core wing finished with carbon/kevlar cloth, laid on a 45 degree bias for a torisionally rigid wing, while carbon spar caps give longitudal strength. The CNC cut carbon launch peg is provided as a separate item in the kit, allowing you to install it for either left or the right handed throwing.

Live hinged, full-span size ailerons are set up for two servos allowing you to use them as flaps for camber adjustment  for maximum flight versatility. With a suitable radio system these can be set for launch, cruise, thermal, speed and landing modes.

The tail surfaces of the Mini DLG V2 are made from a rigid Rohacell foam core laminated between glass cloth skins. Both the upright and horizontal surfaces incorporate carbon fiber spars for strength and rigidity during maximum effort throws, along with kevlar tape hinges and local reinforcement.

The Kevlar aramid cloth fuselage pod is reinforced with a longditudinal carbon spar and incorporates the wing fairing to  reduce drag, as well as a carbon molded canopy for access. Control rods for the tail surfaces are ready fitted along the top of the carbon boom.

Available as a plug and fly model with servos pre-installed, or an almost ready to fly version allowing you to fully customize your setup.


  • Plug and Fly – Complete final assembly, install your choice receiver and battery
  • Vacuum bagged Kevlar/foam core, Drela section wings with CF Reinforcing
  • Kevlar Fuselage pod with carbon tail boom and canopy
  • Carbon/glass reinforced tail surfaces
  • Removable 1pc Wing for Easy Transport
  • Live control surface hinging


Wingspan: 1000mm
Length: 790mm
Wing Loading: 12g/dm2
Airfoil: AG04 Modified
Flying Weight: 150g


  • 3+ Channel transmitter and receiver
  • 180mAh~300mAh 2S LiPoly (RX Power)
  • UBEC


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Updated: August 10, 2015 — 11:19 AM
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