How Many Channels Do You Need, Anyway?

How Many Channels Do You Need, Anyway?

One of our favorite YouTubers, Dag, is back at it and answers the question of “how many channels do you really need?” As always, Dag brings us good insights. Watch and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Updated: June 12, 2022 — 5:20 PM


  1. Dag. Wish I could spend a couple of days with you. I will make short. Two main points. Have good attitude and and stay positive. Most of all to get young people in this sport. I have been in this sport since late eighthes. Was out 12 years and boy what equipment we have. I’m retired now and have resources to enjoy this sport. I live in a small town in South Dakota. about thirty six thousand. We have 18 member in are club and not any young people. I got my two grandsons into this sport. Now they eat,drink and sleep this stuff. Sorry to ramble. Keep up the good work. Mark.

  2. Another point for beginners who think 4 is enough. “Do you plan on getting better in the future?

    Beyond that, resale value. If you don’t like R/C, the resole value of most 4-channel sets is less than the shipping cost. You’ll get at least part of your investment back if you buy a higher featured radio.

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