As many of you may know, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is proposing a new set of rules that will greatly impact the hobby we all love. The FAA’s recent Notice of Proposed Rule Making for Remote Identification will affect where we can fly RC, how we can fly RC, how RC aircraft will be produced, and a myriad of other implications that have the potential of negatively impacting our hobby.

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The deadline is fast approaching and we have only until March 2nd to let the FAA know our concerns and ideas for finding a workable solution for Remote ID. The method to comment is easy.

As a model aviation enthusiast, you are uniquely qualified to provide valuable input concerning our RC hobby and industry. We recommend that you submit your own personal comment, rather than simply cut and past from other sources.

The link below will take you to the FAA comment input page. There are also links with helpful PDFs for crafting a persuasive comment. Do it today! And ask your flying buddies to do the same.

Updated: February 20, 2020 — 3:28 PM


  1. It seem that every time the gov. get involved in something, that has run its self since 1930’s , they know how to screw things UP. The next generation of aero-space engs. just got canned.

  2. Traditional RC aircraft are flown in restricted areas from AMA member club fields. I see no reason why further restrictions should be imposed on those pilots.
    Drones however do pose a threat to people, property and other aircraft. Drone pilots ignore the rules and most do not belong to the AMA. They all should be subject to the proposed tracking regulations.

  3. I have been flying R/C model aircraft for model aircraft for 40 years with perfect safety as have thousands of others. Now, suddenly we are security danger??? Why? Where’s the proof??? Ban quadcopter drones if you want but leave others alone!

  4. Come on People! This maybe the most important thing you do to help us keep our hobby/sport! You just can’t sit back and say: “I’ll let somebody else do it”. Go to the AMA website, and just click on the red banner at the top and follow the instructions. DO IT PLEASE!

  5. As with all social activities the actions of the responsible are negatively impacted by the acts of a small group of bad actors. I know that the AMA has policies that are enforced to protect the public in all things it does. The recommendations and ideas presented to the FAA relating to aviation safety are well thought out and would be recognized and followed by all its members. The record shows AMA has worked to both keep everyone in the air and on the ground safe. Please give consideration to me and all reasonable model aircraft flyers by adopting the common sense proposals given to you by the AMA.

  6. I am concerned that excessive regs will be blocking factor to entry-level flying and for those of us who live in more remote rural areas where there aren’t many people with knowledge to ask and learn from.


    1. I fail to see how members of an organization established to promote the rc hobby and associated business can be considered a threat so bad needless regulations will be imposed. The ones who will be impacted by this are NOT THE PROBLEM. Why ruin something for so many based on the possibility that a few might be a problem? I’ve have never heard of anyone being killed by being the target of a remotely controlled drone. The added expense will likely end it for many. The impact on performance of airplanes due to more weight and licensing will ruin it for those more serious about performance. We are already members of the AMA and registered with the FAA like we are criminals. Why punish everyone for the possibility of misuse? Did the auto industry take away our vehicles because someone drove one into a crowd, killing someone? Do the airlines ground their plane and go out of business because a pilot decided to kill himself by crashing a plane full of passengers? Education is the answer, not confiscation. FAA should spent its resources on educating hobbyists as to the dangers of careless operations if model aircraft. They are not toys and shouldn’t be advertised as such. Like most things they can be dangerous when used carelessly.Please don’t add a bunch if regulations that will hinder this wonderful hobby. Complicated over regulation will cause the public to ignore the laws while the added expense will make it a “rich man’s hobby” unachievable to the average man.

  8. Times are changing, the use of video cameras on board has to be restricted. Though it is part of our hobby and creative, it pushed the potential for dangerous activities to a level that requires oversight. Model airplanes at the flying field flying under the guidelines should be exempt from these proposed regulations.

  9. Pls include me in this.ive been building and flying planes helicopters and now drones my whole life!

  10. I’ve been flying my whole life have ama and fcc member of flying pilgrims of canton MI. Never ever been bothered by anyone flying anywhere in club or by myself!

  11. Being a brand new rc pilot enthusiastic student and a drone operater the I see both sides and follow rules and common sense when flying my aircraft .the FAA can’t even patrol there own rules and should have no say what us hobbiest
    Do with our pursuit of enjoyment

  12. Why must the government interfere on a hobby that I doubt they have any idea about most of the model clubs have strict rules about where & when they fly and also have strict crowd controls


  14. If you wanna impose laws on all of us that follow the rules and regulations that were put in place to keep us all on the same page that’s ignorant if you you wanna do something worth wile put your tracking stuff or better yet outlaw drones that will solve the whole problem did we have these problems before drones and fpv came along we fly by line of sight with spotter follow the rules it’s not us causeing the problem we’re not chasing aircraft or train’s to put on yutub. Why should we have our hobby and the next-generation regulated to point that no one is going to be interested in the hobby any more then we are you gonna go next without interest in this’ll hobby there’s not gonna be as many people interested in being pilots lot of people that fly private aircraft and even commercial started with R/C aircraft that’s what got them into it. Think about what you’re doing and how it’s going to impact now and the future of Aviation.

  15. Drones are a problem.Everybody and their brothers have gotten in to flying drones.Since the advent of computer assisted flying craft and the availability of the craft.
    Franchise computer,farm, stores are all selling drones…because these general public outlets want to sell product to make a buck.
    Most people interested in the past would start entry level and be a member of a club…where they would meet and learn the ropes and edicate and follow their mentors.
    This is all removed and anybody gets into drones…and are always in the news for causing problems to the general public. These people and craft are causing grief for all other flyers and should be monitored and registered…that would stop fly by nighters from coming in unless they are serious and want to join.

  16. Government should consider protecting the hobby so law abiding people can enjoy any type of hobby of their choice within recognized organizations like the AMA and the like.

  17. I am a Vietnam Veteran and this hobby has been part of my life since I was a kid till now being retired. I fought for our rights in this country and to regulate it where we can’t participate in the hobby is UnAmerican and UnConstitutional.

  18. I started building model planes back in the 50’s, control line, free flight, & hand launch gliders, then I got into radio control planes, but still fly control line when I can. I can adhere to putting an FAA registration number on my models, but living on only Social Security as my only income, I cant afford to further tag my planes, Chips, GPS or what ever,, it’s just not feasible. I’ve been an AMA member for many years.

  19. The FAA proposal is not what it says it is. It is a plan to convert the Class G uncontrolled airspace in which we fly into controlled airspace for the exclusive use of commercial drones. Model aircraft require model airports, and the FAA says there will be no new model airports, only a diminishing supply from those that the FAA now permits. The writing is on the wall: read it and oppose it!

  20. I do not agree with any further regulations and have submitted my comments to the FAA in opposition of any further regulations.

  21. Modeling has successfully self-regulated since the 1930’s. I have safely flown models since 1974. The hobby DOES NOT NEED or WANT this unnecessary and poorly thought out meddling from the FAA. LEAVE THE HOBBYISTS ALONE. We can regulate ourselves without FAA interference.

  22. I grew up building and flying Model Aircraft….been in Full size Aviation for 60 plus years, FAA Certs. and all. I just want to say I will not abide by their stupid Rules. Its always the same story, a few screw up, punish them all. The FAA cannot nor do they have enough resources or personnel to police Commercial and Private Aviation that exists out there as it is let alone Model Aviation…Look what happened to the 737 Max for example. Just keep flying guys. There’s no way they can locate us all…

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