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New RealFlight 6 Simulator

New RealFlight 6 Simulator

Simulators do exactly what their name implies. They simulate. This means they are not true to life, but very close. At least has been the case until now. The Great Planes RealFlight 6 R/C Flight Simulator with Interlink Elite Controller and Heli Mega Pack with 47 Extra Helicopters is as close to real flying as you can get without being at the flying field. Some of the best R/C heli pilots in the world worked with RealFlight engineers to improve flight performance and precision with such features as Blade Stop Rotations, Ultra Realistic Smoke and Exhaust Tip and Rotary Trails, Pilot’s Eye First Person Video Flight Instruction and One-on-One Tutoring. And now the controller is configured like a heli transmitter with a non-ratcheted throttle stick, and the switch and rotary knobs are positioned as they are on your heli radio so you can transition easily to your transmitter when you get to the flying field.

Experience is a great teacher, and with the RealFlight 6 you can practice at home, day or night, in any weather conditions, to perfect your next maneuver. And one of the features I really like, and use a lot,  is the new dual function Reset Button to fly again instantly after a crash, or I can hold it down to rewind the flight and continue flying from any point I choose. Now when I make a mistake I can relive that experience as many times as I want, seeing exactly where I went wrong and making the necessary corrections. Other features such as Safety Alerts provide a checklist for safe flying, and the new InterLink Elite controller features digital trims, and the QuickSelect function controls all the basic software functions from the controller, almost eliminating the need for a mouse and keyboard. A built-in interface also allows you to use your own transmitter if desired, and MultiMode lets you use the controller and interface simultaneously – a feature not available on any other simulator. 3D flying sites are embedded in over 5,000 square miles of TrueLife Terrain with razor-sharp detail, and the FlexiField flying site editor adds buildings, trees and more. The Virtual Flight Instruction feature includes new training functions and lessons from the pros, complete with voiceover commands and video display of proper stick movements, and the Depth of Field Effect keeps your model the visual focal point of your simulation – while anything that falls outside of its immediate vicinity loses sharpness.

These are just some of the features you will find in this latest version of RealFlight 6, but you can get the full story from their website. For the USA Standard Mode 2 version order GPMZ4462, or for the European Standard Mode 1 version order GPMZ4463.

Updated: July 16, 2015 — 4:39 PM

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