Red Bull Monster Scale Yak

Red Bull Monster Scale Yak

This 55% Yak can really put on a show! Scratch-built and piloted by Steve Carr, the big 180-inch-span aerobat is powered by a 500cc 4-stroke engine that produces 50 horsepower and uses a Weatronic radio system. Thanks to Pete and Dean Coxon for filming this beast at an old U.S. airbase in Rougham, UK.

Updated: August 14, 2015 — 10:28 AM


  1. Great flying model!! Lots of power.

  2. When they get to this size, I don’t see how the term “Model Airplane” applies. It would seem to me that this is a “Home Built Aircraft” and not a model. It is impressive though. I can hardly wait to see a 55% B-17 or a (gasp!) B-36 (a bit of tongue in cheek here).

  3. Amazing plane and flying. More about planes and less about stupid “Drones” Quadcopters (they’re already soiling our hobby in the news!) … THEY AREN’T PLANES and this isn’t Model Quadcopter News!!!

    1. I agree CJ,I could care less about quads and such! They are just a thorn in our sides.

      1. Here here Bob! Glad to see someone else agrees. I’ve already dropped my ElectricFlight subscription and MAN is next if this “Drone” crap coverage persists. Debra, start a publication just for them and keep Quads out of MAN or you will lose subscribers, me first. How about Quad Toy News or Drone Peeping Tom News?

  4. Sooner or later, some spectator is going to be killed by one of these giants and the result will not be good for our hobby’s future.

    1. Mike, you keep posting the same thing about these large scale planes! THEY COULD KILL SOMEONE! Yes that is true but so can any other plane out there! You’re not going to stop large scale modelling with your ‘Chicken Little’ like statements, you know, “THE SKY IS FALLING< THE SKY IS FALLING!" It's like a Boeing 777, They will kill way more than a DC-3! Would you take a chance and fly on a 777 anyway? Lighten up. just be ready to run!

  5. Completely agree with the quadcopter drone comment as I’d just as soon see those things go away, especially the ones equiped with FPV. Their irresponsible use by a few bad apples is having a huge negative impact on all of us, particularly now that the FAA’s involved. Rules are being developed that could place our hobby existance in jeopardy.

  6. Mike,
    As long as the pilots are responsible seasoned pilots and not foamy fliers with a giant scale plane, I see no issues with the size. Besides most park flyers are more dangerous than the giant scale pilots, just look at YouTube.

  7. Impressive Airplane! There are so many different aspects to this hobby, I especially enjoy airplanes and giant scale, but appreciate the diversity that this hobby offers also!

  8. Any RC model has the potential to kill someone not just the Giants

  9. Beautiful airplane and great job flying that beast. Large airplanes aren’t the problem it’s the person behind the sticks.

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