Road to Top Gun — USAF Thunderbird #5 — F-16 Falcon

Road to Top Gun —  USAF Thunderbird #5 — F-16 Falcon

This year Boli Muentes of Lakeworth, FL., will be flying in the Pro-AM Jet category with his 1/6-scale BVM F-16 PNP painted in the USAF #5 Thunderbirds Demonstration Team jet. It is powered by the new Jetcat P-140RXi turbine. It is controlled by the new JR28X transmitter, dual JR Infinity receivers hooked to a JR X-Bus port Duo power Bus system.


The jet has all high voltage digital servos installed, a 3-axis gyro system, lights, simulated afterburner ring, scale cockpit, scale landing gear, brakes, scale wheels and a smoke system. The onboard avionics, accessories and turbine ECU are powered by 3 separate Fromeco Li-Ion batteries and one 2S Li-Poly battery. Total battery capacity is just under 20,000 miliamps at 7.v volts! Rene comments that he is proud to be sponsored by Team JR, Jetcat USA, Jersey Modeler Fuel Systems, Aircraft International and The Allied Scale Squadron.



Updated: March 16, 2016 — 2:11 PM


  1. f-16 best looking fighter jet ever period.

  2. Pretty cool BUT…. This is a PNP.. So he had to do Nothing really to get it flying! Sorry… BUT it’s NOT that special, As I said EVERYTHING is already done for you!! BOX~ Wings on~ Charge~Go Fly! I would have liked to have seen something someone actually built and put time in. JM2C

  3. I tend to agree with Gerry, I just don’t understand how a PNP ARF can feature in a top gun event and even compare to an airplane that has been built from scratch. Looks nothing special to me.

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