Top Gun Fernando Bellegarde’s Mitchell PBJ-1J

Top Gun Fernando Bellegarde’s Mitchell PBJ-1J

Built from a Ziroli B-25 plans and enlarged to 118 inch wingspan, this US Navy/Marines PBJ – 1J is the work of Fernando Bellegarde who will be flying in the Pro-Sport class. Using two DLE 40cc gas engines for power, the PBJ has robart retracts,Sierra scale wheel wheels and carries 22 servos.

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It has a functional bomb bay and scale Warbird pilots and a SkyCandy lighting system. It took Fernando four years to finish. From São Paulo, Fernando is shown with his wife Luanna in the opener photograph.This will be his forth time competing at Top Gun.

IMG_8667  _GGG0617 cópia

The PBJ-1J is the US Navy version of the Mitchell B-25 medium bomber that was used by the US Army Air Force. A few months after the famous Doolitle Raiders bombed Tokyo, the US Navy incorporated 40 of the planes, and used them as patrol bombers. Note the Radar unit on the right wing tip.


I belong to a Scale team named Brazil Scale Team, whose members all have strong building and flying skills.Fernando is now the  Scale Director for Cobra which is the Brazilian federation for modeling similar to the AMA.



  1. Awesome job! Result of many years of hard work !

  2. very nice must say nice schale wich i have one i have what i can get scale i have a few cessnas

    1. Congrats! Who knows it’s gonna be the first time for a Brazilian to win the Top Gun!!

  3. Nice build! Have you tried any ‘engine outs’ yet? I find these a real challenge especially on final approach. And, where are the videos??

  4. Congratulations Fernando!!!

  5. Wow, super nice! I can’t imagine what your “baggage” fees are!!

  6. Fernando, Beautiful Ziroli B-25. I look forward to meeting you at Top Gun.

  7. Outstanding. I flew in VMB-611 at Zamboanga PI
    From Moret airdrome We flew J’s and D’s

  8. Eu gostei do modelo do avião, estou fazendo um na escala menor do Nick ziroli.Gostaria de saber onde posso encontrar e compra peças e os pilotos da b-25 na escala 101 polegadas.

  9. Eu gosto de ver reportagem sobre montagem de avião pois eu estou montando uma b-25 do Nick ziroli.

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