Sneak Peek: FlyZone Dr.1 Triplane

Sneak Peek: FlyZone Dr.1 Triplane


If you’ve ever read the newspaper comics, then you know that “Peanuts” ace pilot Snoopy had a real issue with the Red Baron. While flying his Sopwith “Doghouse” Snoopy would battle Red Baron and then later ease his imaginary, bullet-hole-ridden WW I fighter back onto the ground. Personally, I really like Snoopy, but I was always secretly cheering for that big, red Fokker Triplane.
Ready to fly straight out of the box, the new Flyzone Micro Fokker Dr.1 Triplane from Hobbico is a great addition to anyone’s indoor flying WW I hangar. Made from lightweight foam, this little Red Baron ride looks great all decked out with its WW I paint scheme. The micro Triplane comes with everything you need to start hunting the dawn patrol including a Tactic TTX402 2.4GHz, 4-channel transmitter including “AA” transmitter batteries, and a built-in micro LiPo charger that’s part of the transmitter. The 3.7V 130mAh LiPo flight battery is also included. The propeller, motor and micro airborne radio gear are all installed and ready to go. Just charge the LiPo and you’re ready for a dogfight!


Unique Features
Nothing needs to be attached or installed. The foam tires and scale wheels make takeoffs from a smooth surface easy. The landing gear and wing struts are made from molded plastic and a scale molded rotary engine is also already installed. A molded plastic machine gun set and a lightweight molded pilot figure for extra scale detail are also included. If you intend to paint the pilot bust, be sure to use acrylic or some other foam-friendly paint.

Pilot Debriefing
To liven things up, you need airspeed to do maneuvers. Climb high like the Red Baron did and keep the sun to your back. Fly directly into the wind and keep the wings level. Dive to gain speed and pull into a loop. Add full power and do a second loop. As you come out of the loop, feed in full left rudder. You can stop when inverted and pull out into a split-S or hold full rudder and while inverted, add some down to complete a tactical roll to confuse the enemy. Watch out, Snoopy!

Don’t miss the full review in the May issue of Electric Flight magazine!




Updated: July 20, 2015 — 12:13 PM


  1. I have this plane and it was very fun to fly in the golf doom near my house. However, I bought the plane with plans of adding ailerons but when I inquired to Tower hobbies as to a servo that would fit into one of the two extra ports on the receiver, they told me that they tried to adding a servo but those ports don’t do anything. What’s up with that?

  2. p.s Debra Cleghorn is my dream woman.

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