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The First Fokkers!

The First Fokkers!

These RC models are replicas of the very first airplane designed by Anthony Fokker in 1911. The multitude of bracing cables gave the impression of a spider, hence its Dutch name, “Spin.” Fokker taught himself to fly in his second Spin! Built and piloted by Klaus Fischer and Heiner Wintermann, these 14-foot-span planes each weigh 54 pounds and is powered by a King 95cc engine. We think Klaus and Heiner did a terrific job of piloting these planes in some very tricky winds! Thanks to RCScaleAirplanes for taking this video at the Bavarian Chiemgau Air Show.


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    1. Hahahaha …… good one Bob!

  1. Awesome to watch these early aircraft fly. Obviousy seasoned pilots,windy conditions and all. Are there plans available, 7′ model would be fun and a challenge as well.

  2. Great Show !! very well done – very realistic with the pilot’s scarves blowing in
    the wind. Congratulations!

  3. Wow!! I could tell the wind gusts were tricky, but great flying on amazing models. One other compliment, RCSA is the best RC videography in the world. Well done to the pilots and Horst (spelling??)

  4. Wow! Love the wing warping and mag cut-out effect. Just wonderful. Great “shooting” too.

  5. Interesting this very early Model , it looks to difcult to control it

  6. Love the planes, very interesting subjects.They fly lighter than there weight reflects!!!!!!!!!!!Ron from Canada

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