Winners at the 2010 Florida Jets event

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Florida Jets 2010 Sponsored Award Winners  


Random Photo selection 


Award                       Sponsor            Recipient           Model

Best Military Jet Runner-up       GLOBAL JET CLUB      Pablo Fernandez           T-33   


Engineering Excellence             JET CENTRAL               Rick Schramick           Epic Victory  

Best Civilian Jet                        FTE                              Rick Schramick            Epic Victory




Best Graphics                           PRO-MARK                   Tom Singer                   3D Universe      

Best Sport Jet Performance      RCJI Magazine             Thomas Singer             3D Universe


Best Craftsmanship                   BVM                             Jack Diaz                     F-100D

Best Scale Jet Performance      FUTABA                      Jack Diaz                     F-100D        






Best Multi Jet Performance      JET CAT USA              Craig Gotschang           A-10




Special Recognition                  SPEKTRUM                  Tucano                         Boli Muentes  




Special Recognition                  FUTABA                      Raul Lozano                  F-15 Eagle



Special Recognition                  FTE        &nbsp
                  David Gaspari               Viper


Critic’s Choice Runner-up          FLY RC                         Ali Machinchy            Hawk        



Most Outstanding Jet Flight    JET JOE                      Ali Machinchy              Viper  

Best Electric Jet                       SAPAC                        E-Bandit                       Bob Violett



Best Military Jet                       JET CENTRAL              Scott Marr                   Hawk

Best Sport Jet  Runner-up          FLY EAGLE JET           Ray LaBonte                  Lightning

Best Sport Jet                           SPEKTRUM                  Jordan Factor              Ultra Bandit

Best Foamy Jet Performance     ZAP Glue                     David Payne          &nbs

Critic’s Choice                          ZAP GLUE                    Scott Marr                   Hawk


Best Electric Jet Performance  FUTABA                       Rob Lynch                   F-86

Special Recognition                  RED BULL                     Andreas Gietz              Tutor

Special Recognition                  BVM                             Jorge Escalona             F-16    

Special Recognition                  GLOBAL JET CLUB       Frank Noll                    Evader   

Special Recognition                  JET JOE                      Nigel Alvarez               F-16  

Special Recognition                  SKYMASTER                Ultra Bandit               Dustin Buescher

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