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Big attendence for the Prado IMAC contest!

Big attendence for the Prado IMAC contest!

Over the 4 of July weekend the Prado IMAC contest kicked off with a record 46 registered pilots this year, which is a great turnout for a contest that is only in its second year.  To give you a comparison consider this, the U.S. Nats “IMAC” portion had 35 pilots and an average throughout the United States has been 23 per contest, with the southwest region have the highest average of 30.  This event is one of the best around and much of the credit goes to all the great people who help at Prado Field.  Check out the list of winners and all the great photos from this contest.

“Basic” class:

1st. Tim Gottermayer

2nd. Tony Johnson

3rd. Brad Hartman

4th. Michael Triebe

5th. Troy Brown

Matt Dillon receiving award for 1st. place "Sportsman" class.

“Sportsman class:

1st. Matt Dillon

2nd. Cliff Finney

3rd. Michael Smith

4th. Bill Santore

5th. Larry Shreffler

Randy Dreyer receiving award for 1st. place "Intermediate" class

“Intermediate” class

1st. Randy Dreyer

2nd. Rusty Fried

3rd. Joe MacGregor

4th. Howard Pilcher

5th. Mike Middleton

Cameron Irwin receiving award for 1st. place "Advanced" class

“Advanced” class

1st. Cameron Irwin

2nd. Bryant Mack

3rd. Spencer Nordquist

4th. Bill Adams

5th. Curtis Pilcher

Jeff Szueber Jr. receiving award for 1st. place "Unlimited"

“Unlimited” class:

1st. Jeff Szueber Jr.

2nd. Matt Szueber

3rd. Matt Stringer

4th. Kyle Goodwine

5th. Steve Nelson

Spencer Nordquist receiving award for winning "Freestyle" 1st. place.

“Freestyle” class:

1st. Spencer Nordquist

2nd. Matt Stringer

3rd. Bryant Mack

4th. Cameron Irwin

5th. Michael Triebe


The Goodwine family truck and trailer. If you have been to a southwest IMAC event, Top Gun 2011 or at the U.S. Nationals in Muncie Indiana you have probably seen this rig. The family travels in it, lives on the road in it and flies out of the trailer. The family averages between fifteen and twenty thousand miles a year traveling and supporting events for their son Kyle's flying.

Rusty Fried took 1st. place in the combined "Senior" class and 2nd.

Matt Stringer flying his "UFO" CompArf Extra powered by a DA150 engine during the freestyle portion of the event. The freestyle portion involves pilots flying and choreographing music to

Dan Napier readies his electric powered 3D Hobby Shops Vyper plane. Dan flew in the Basic class. Your plane does not have to be a 40% airplane, gas powered to come on out to an IMAC event to have fun.

Spencer Nordquist piloting his freestyle plane, with Bryant Mack as his spotter. Two of our younger competitors.

Chuck Pozanac mans the PVMAC tower which he monitors and carefully watches air traffic for full scale aircraft during our event.

Bernie Boland calling for Bill Adams in the Advanced class. Bernie has been a caller and pilot instructor for numerous Tucson Aerobatic Shootout Champions as in Ryan Archer, Cody McLean and Kyle Goodwine.

Kyle Goodwine on the ready flight line waiting to fly his first round of competition at this year's Prado IMAC event. Kyle flies a Dalton Extra 300ML which is powered by a DA200 and guided through the air with all JR radio equipment. Kyle is sponsored by Horizon Hobbies.

Any event could not be successful without great volunteers. Our score keepers from left to right, Margaret Szueber, Larry Roberts and Jeff Szueber Sr.

As Matt Szueber "Hawk" readies to fly, his brother Jeff Szueber will be calling for him in the unlimited class.

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  1. Nice pictures John. Where’s Prado? Looks like a beautiful flying site.

    1. Prado is in Chino, Ca. just north of the 91 and 71 fwy’s.
      The clubs url is:

  2. BTW, Phil Goodwine and Sam Wright provided these photos to me, and I agree they are great photos.

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