Last Flight of my Triplane

Last Flight of my Triplane

Here’s a video of editor Gerry Yarrish’s 1/4-scale Fokker Dr. I Triplane on its last flight. Gerry had setup a remote video camera in the cockpit so he could film a dogfight between him and his flying buddy Sal Calvagna. The flight took place at the Central Connecticut Big Biplane Bash 11 years ago.

In the video you can just see Sal’s aircraft just before Gerry’s Triplane heads for the ground. Built from a Balsa USA kit, Gerry’s triplane was powered by a Zenoah G-26. And up until this last flight, Gerry had flown his WW I German fighter for more than 6 years without incident! The reason, the triplane planted itself in the corn field was because the battery voltage dropped way down and the failsafe setting pulled the engine to idle with neutralized control surfaces… Ok Well!

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | Last Flight of my Triplane

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | Last Flight of my Triplane

Updated: February 13, 2020 — 2:13 PM


  1. what brand and model video camera did you use?
    I would like to install same type in my ww1 planes.

  2. wow! I think now I can understand what a real life pilot and crew must feel like at the end of a flight.

  3. Cornfields are jealous haters of RC airplanes! At my former club Champaign Illinois, the field west of our site was notoriously killing airplanes! Soybeans are a close second! Beware midwestern pilots!

  4. Bet it’s a Spektrum…. brownout…!!

    1. Obviously you are a Spektrum knocker, if you read the story correctly it was a flight battery failure, simple as that.

  5. Ouch!! That must have left a scar… πŸ™‚

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