E-flite Albatros D.Va 25e

E-flite Albatros D.Va 25e

The latest in E-flite’s Platinum Series, this built-up WW I fighter will definitely be a knockout on any flightline. Intended for an electric 25 to 52 motor, the Albatros comes with shock absorbing landing gear with scale wheels, top and bottom plug-in wings with carbon fiber wing tube, molded dummy engine and machine gun, wire rigging and optional pull-pull controls, a painted aluminum spinner, painted pilot figure and a varnished wood tailskid. Need the ultimate in scale? Add the optional cockpit. This beauty costs $329.99.

Updated: July 16, 2015 — 9:44 AM


  1. Debbie –

    A little more information would be useful. What’s the wingspan? What’s the plane’s weight? What size battery is recommended? ESC? Is it an ARF, RTF or kit? A 25 to a 52 motor is an awfully wide spread. What is it designed for? Who makes it? How would one order it?


    1. The info you’re looking for is at http://www.e-fliterc.com. It sure looks nice!

  2. Well I guess the answer is that it is a 25 to 32 size motor range.

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