An Easy, Fun & Inexpensive Build

An Easy, Fun & Inexpensive Build

If you’ve never built your own RC airplane before, this is a great project to learn the basics without breaking the bank. If you’re an experienced builder, this could be a fun project to share with someone just getting into the hobby. This model couldn’t be structured much more simplistically with a fixed nose wheel and only 3 servos (no rudder). Check it out!

Updated: February 24, 2024 — 2:39 PM


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  1. Easy to follow but would be so much more explanatory with commentary.

    Building the radio also very interesting but needs commentary and item source listings

  2. Most brilliant. Very deliberate in all his actions, indicates he knows what he’s doing. I’d be dithering from start to finish. No commentary possibly due to having little or no English, but not critical to the operation. I note that the Radio control builder uses the same crummy side cutters that I use. At least we have that in common. Overall 2 thumbs up.

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