From the Flightline — 50th WW1 RC Jamboree

From the Flightline — 50th WW1 RC Jamboree

There were so many airplanes and pilots at the 50th Anniversary RC Jamboree at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome, it was had to soak it all in. Photos can capture some of the flavor but truly, this is an event that you have to see yourself to full appreciate. Here are a few more photos from this amazing WW1 RC extravaganza!

Photos by Xavier Mouraux & Tim Haggerty


Dan Landis prepares for another Mission flight with his Taube.


There’s big and there’s huge! Keith Zimmerly brought these two monsterous Nieuports for the 50th event.


Team Ziroli! Nick Jr., preps his Taube while Mike Gross Sr., assists. Nick Sr., gives direction in the background. Nick Ziroli Jr. won 1st Place in the Mission event with a perfect score of 900!


Lots of planes and plenty of people made the 50th Jamboree a special once in a lifetime event!


Behind the scenes, MAN’s own Gerry Yarrish interviews Greg Hahn with his Best in Show Winning 17 foot span German Gotha bomber. Sal Calvagna mans the video camera.


A little rain had the tarps pulled into service but for the most part it was a great weekend with plenty of sunshine.

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