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Audacity Models Pantera P6

Audacity Models Pantera P6



This new machine is built from a special polymer that can flex–not shatter!–in case of a crash. Here’s the release from Audacity Models:


At last, the perfect solution to complex and fragile carbon fiber models!  The result of American ingenuity, the Pantera P6 is the latest product from the crew at Audacity Models (famed for thinking around corners).  Instead of me-too side frames using flat pieces of carbon fiber, they instead opted for tough engineering polymer (as used in Glock handguns), which flexes to absorb impact (instead of shattering like an egg).  This super polymer also damps engine vibrations so electronics live longer, and because it’s self-aligning, you’re guaranteed perfect gear mesh every time!  Unique power options mean hotrodding with brutal horsepower of a 91-class engine, or the quiet convenience of electric power.  Bigger than competing 600-class designs (yes, there’s a 700-conversion as well) it’s easier to see in the air!  Mild when set up for learning, wild when you’re ready to cut loose, and famed for predictable handling, the Pantera P6 may be the perfect helicopter for you.


Updated: July 8, 2015 — 11:25 AM
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