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Gyro Festival 2011

Gyro Festival 2011

No, this isn’t an all-you-can-eat sandwich party … it’s an annual event for gyroplanes, autogyros and other gyro-equipped vehicles! The upcoming Popular Rotorcraft Association (PRA) convention will be held at the Mentone Airport in Mentone, Indiana, August 2-6, and it sounds like a blast! With full-size gyroplanes, helicopters, autogyros and powered parachutes (as well as RC models of the same!), it sounds like a fun opportunity to see some incredibly unique flying machines, from open-frame ultralights to multi-seat enclosed aircraft, up close and personal. For more information on this year’s event, go to And if you do go, please be sure to take some photos to send to me!    

Updated: June 8, 2011 — 2:45 PM
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