16 year old Beast pilot Dean Lampron

16 year old Beast pilot Dean Lampron

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | 16 year old Beast pilot Dean Lampron

A big surprise for everyone at the recent Big Biplane Bash in Farmington, CT, was a talented and very impressive aerobatic pilot who threw down an amazing 3D flight with his giant scale Hangar 9 Beast biplane. Dean Lampron is not only a great aerobatic show pilot, but he’s also only 16 years old! Dean and his father Dave Lampron came down for the BBB event from MA and they were an instant success. Check out the video and see for yourself what Dean can do with only 5 years of RC piloting experience!

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | 16 year old Beast pilot Dean Lampron

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | 16 year old Beast pilot Dean Lampron

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | 16 year old Beast pilot Dean Lampron



Updated: October 2, 2012 — 10:10 AM


  1. Dean, Dave and Dave Sr. are members of my club. What isn’t mentioned here is what these amazing boys are like. Dean is one of the nicenst young men you could meet. Dean will freely help you with any questions you have. He will help you build a plane, set up complicated electronics and then give you good pointers on flying.
    Deans older brother Dave is more of the same. These are young men that we are really proud of. Thanks for posting this video. It really doesn’t do Deans skill justice. You just have to see it to believe it.
    Dave Sherman

  2. I want to second what Dave Sherman said which is that the Lamprons are really great people and excellent pilots. Dean has flown demonstrations for our annual Father’s Day Fun fly and other events which have amazed the public and seasoned pilots alike!
    What you don’t see or hear about is Dean’s dedication to the hobby by flying on the simulator about 4 hours a day to really hone his skills and develop new moves and sequences. We need more young people who are really into this hobby and are willing to give time and talent to become the best that they can be. Young people are the future of our hobby! So next time you have a young person interested, extend a hand to them and be their mentor and maybe they could be another Dean Lampron.

    Hey Dean when you are famous remember us 😀

    David Korpiewski

  3. My wife and I really enjoyed the Big Biplane Bash at Farmington, what a great field to fly in!. One of the many highlights was watching Dean put the Beast through some of the most beautiful aerobatics I have ever seen. What a fantastic display of talent. Thank you Gerry, Rich and all of those volunteers who made the BBB such a success. We also want to give Dean a big thank you for his display of airmanship. Well done!

  4. nice airport , nice aircraft,
    fullskil pilot , gradulatio

  5. I’m also a member of the same club the Lamprons are in. Both Dean and his older brother are the finest natural rc pilots I have seen in my 50 years in the hobby. What has been left out is that Dean has been flying 3d like this for several years.

    Both Dean and brother Dave are highly skilled pilots and are very modest and unassuming about it and are great kids. They let their flying speak for itself.

    One thing I laugh about now is that both Dave and Dean started out in pattern and I used to actually coach them! Both very quickly left me in the dust and went on to win nearly all the contests they entered in District 1. Amazing kids.

  6. I need help !! My husband was an avid r/c airplane builder and flyer. He also bought a r/c sailboat which he hardly was able to use because he passed unexpectedly.. He died 19 years ago and I have, in my basement, a beautiful r/c sailboat (the handcontrols went years ago). There is a control box in the boat. It has a 70″ mast, 2 sails. Color is a sky blue….fiberglass. I am moving and have to dispose of it. Can you help me, spread the word, give me some direction ? What is its value ? have any contacts who might be interested. As I recall he paid $400 years ago.
    I live nearby, in W. Spfld Ma.
    Mary Derose

  7. Dean, we wish you a happy birthday, from Tommy and his dad Paul Maharis. Tommy is now in unlimited class…see you at the IMAC Contests, old man!!!!!!

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