Radio Control Pterodactyl

Radio Control Pterodactyl

And now for something completely different: a 4-foot-span “scale” Pterodactyl ornithopter. Powered by a 3-cell, 1300mAh LiPo, the dinosaur’s webbed feet act as rudders. The pilot notes, “When you stop her flapping her wings, she flies like a brick.” We dare you to watch this video without cracking a smile!  Happy Friday, and our thanks to Pete and Dean Coxon for sharing this fun clip.

Updated: May 21, 2019 — 4:57 PM


  1. Kind of corny but cool at the same time. Now if it can be designed to glide………

  2. Very Cool! Are they available? Cost?

    1. Yes they are available though Hobby King USA warehouse. $189.00 for a black and red one or $193.94 on the green one that is featured in this article. They also have a nice Eagle for $224.00.

    2. Hobby King – $125 or so.

  3. I dont find it corny at all..Thinking outside conventional…Amazing…)))

  4. That’s GREAT!!!! Now that is Cool.

    Outstanding Job.

  5. I love this hobby! What next?

  6. great until the “air humping”

  7. Are available from Hobby King. Plug & play or RTF!!

  8. Must be the great granddaddy of Ornothopers!

  9. The Pterodactyl is available from Hobby King in either the green and yellow shown, or a red and black color scheme.

  10. Unfortunately as far as I can tell they are ONLY available from Hobby King and I can’t shop there, as they “refuse” to honor our credit card.

  11. Remember the old Movie War Games . The Professor had a Gliding Model where the Head was the Rudder . Want To Play A Game ?

  12. I first saw it on KICKSTARTER and bought one for $290. Hobby King was selling them before I got mine from KICKSTARTER ! ! ! They now are going for $193. WARNING: Hobby King does not stock replacements. Some parts appear to wear out fast. Go to Hobby King for reviews of purchasers.

  13. It needs a pump and a honk …

  14. Hardly scale I would say Cartoon scale though. A local quite well known RCer who has sadly passed Tony Cincotta had made a truly scale pterodactyl
    That was so realistic in the air it was…scary Made me reach for my club everytime hahaha

    1. Haven’t seen this referred to as “scale” anywhere? How can this be considered anything but fun firstly and secondly how can there exist a “scale” pterodactyl if no one alive has ever seen one to know what they looked like? They’re only now starting to refute many previously held notions of what some of the famous prehistoric animals may have looked like, suggesting T-rex, for example, was feathered and a scavenger, not the supreme hunter we believed it to be for so long. There is a great NatGeo documentary on a university study on the supposed flight dynamics of the winged dinosaurs that turned up some fascinating revelations

  15. Now that was funny !!

  16. I like it and it flys like a real bird. Has man really learned to fly like a bird?

    1. No, I’m afraid not. But the very first efforts at flying were in those that relied on the pilot flapping his wings. Leonardo Da Vinci even drew some of his own ideas for aircraft back in the Renaissance.

      And he came up with his classic helicopter design:

      1. And here’s one of a flying machine, by da Vinci!

  17. This is fantastic who could ever get bored with this hobby.☺

  18. Very cool ! We don’t see too much Pterodactyl in the french club. I’ll check the suggest of Larry in Hobby King.

  19. This is way cool!!!

  20. That is (and I’m being quite serious) THE answer to bird control at airports! If that doesn’t scare away the flocks absolutely nothing will

  21. R2-D2 was named after that a technician from American Graffiti asked to Lucas the Reel number 2, Dialogue track number 2.

  22. Can you still get this now if so where.

  23. Anyone remember a flying wing called teratactyle in MAN, and what issue it came out in?

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