RC Giant Czech Twin Takes Flight

RC Giant Czech Twin Takes Flight

Here’s a plane we’ve never seen modeled before: a giant-scale version of the Let L-410 Turbolet, a Czechoslovakian twin-engine short-range transport aircraft. With a 128-inch wingspan, the model weighs in at 28.6 pounds and is powered by two Axi 4130/20 motors, two PowerIon 5S 4P LiPo packs and two APC 19×12 propellers. This twin beauty was built and flown by the father and son team of Zdenek Raska Jr. and Sr. Thanks to Aviation, RC Models and Aircrafts for posting this terrific video from the 23rd annual Jeti Model Meet at the Czech Heaven RC model airport.


  1. Fantastic!

  2. Great flyer! Very stable looking.

  3. Why in the world, regardless of nationality, do announcers at these events find it necessary to maintain a constant stream of irritating chatter throughout every flight? Good grief!

  4. Great plane ! , beautiful ! .

  5. Beautifully crafted aircraft and wonderful flight characteristics. Congrats !
    Herb, Long Island, NY (USA)

  6. Beautiful model. Lotsa functionality – lights, gear doors and suspension. Very realistic ground handling and flight manuvering. Well flown and videographed.

  7. Where are the flaps ?

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