RC Space Shuttle Gets a Lift

RC Space Shuttle Gets a Lift

You have to see it to believe it: in this terrific video, an RC Buran space shuttle flies from the back of an 11.5-foot-span RC Antonov An-225!  Hans Bühr designed and built both of these electric models (and the An-225 has been flying since the mid ’90s!). Thanks to RCHeliJet for the amazing video he captured at the  Hausen a. Albis Flightday in Switzerland this fall.

Updated: November 19, 2018 — 1:44 PM


  1. The Space Shuttle-ski! Very cool modeling.

  2. Pilots, be patient and let planes roll to a near stop before turning. No full scale plane does that.

  3. Incredible. Amazing models. The engineering for the retracts of all those wheels must be quite something.

  4. It’s all good

  5. Great! A real master of R/C. Love it. Harry J

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