XXXL 1/2.5 Monster Scale BAE Hawk

XXXL 1/2.5 Monster Scale BAE Hawk
This 1/2.5-scale BAE Hawk is a thing of RC beauty, coming in with a wingspan of 12.5 feet and a length of 16 feet! Check out the video and you’ll see this fighter looks, sounds and flies just like the full-size. Clearly it’s a remarkable feat of RC building and piloting–but at what point does giant-scale get too big? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Updated: April 24, 2023 — 3:21 PM


  1. It’s not too big as long as one of these doesn’t plow into a crowd. Like all things aviation, accidents Drive regulation.

    1. I cannot agree more. These “monsters” are not models.

  2. Beautifully scaled, detailed and engineered plane. RC is remote control, not toys. When we or others consider them as toys we either limit ourselves or endanger ourselves by not respecting the potential hazards. Full scale RC are appropriate for agriculture, commercial, police/military as well as new prototype testing. Good designs and engineering include different size scale models in mock-up and in test flight. Hurray and great job to these RC pilots. With adequate safety precautions, appropriate runways and facilities this is what can be accomplished and more…. Don’t limit RC flight! It encourages the next generation of designers,engineers, pilots and more!

  3. Wow! Thst maybe pushing it into the too big category. If it crashed into a spectator crowd or worse you are looking at many millions of dollars in claims. Can you even get insurance for that beyond what the AMA provides.

    1. Someone has too much time and money on their hands! More a movie prop than a weekend flyer! It’s cool, but the liability is to much to be a practical rc model. Cost prohibitive!

      1. However, it is his time and money. It may be cost prohibitive to you and I, but not everyone is in the same boat. Magnificent engineering and tech is not cheap, nor is it for everyone. Be happy that someone is able and willing to keep pushing the bar up.

  4. That is TOO big !!

  5. As long as such a plane is in the hands of a competent pilot, great. Somebody who put this much care into creating the aircraft deserves to own it. Should something of this size be available to anybody with money? Absolutely not!

  6. that is awsome,, greatness for sure , love the big stuff

  7. Well, there’s giant scale and there’s monster scale…

    1. Too big. As previously pointed out the liability risk is too great that can cause additional regulation and God forbid someone getting injured from ground support to a flying incident.

  8. Too big is simple. When you get to the point where transporting just 1 model, becomes a big and expensive ordeal, it’s officialy too big.

  9. I need to know how they make that much $$$ to be able to afford such a thing.

  10. Never too big, in fact I’d like to see this unit at 2 or 3 times real life scale. Now that would be something!

  11. I guess it isn’t too big as long as you can afford the hole in the ground if it goes in. The problem is the bigger they get the smaller the fight envelope you have to fly in.

  12. I truly respect the craftsmanship in both the engineering and build of this scale next hit also at the beautiful example of piloting. Another example of the German passion for the sport. Rarely do I see these videos posted featuring such fine examples here in the USA. Well done Germany – again! Some criticize for spending too much money? I see gross wastefulness every time I pull out of my garage with Land Rover, Lexus & Mercedes SUV’s speeding down the street!

  13. Extreme detailing is easier in large models, the larger the better. That gives a wealthy modeler an advantage if flown in a scale competition. Size and speed also represent a potential danger to other flyers and spectators. Electronics can fail. It is a very impressive model, flown expertly but represents a major investment beyond the ability of most.

  14. Too big, too much a risk for accidents. This is way beyond week-end hobbyist activity.

  15. Model aviation is becoming its own worst enemy. Thanks to drones and large models we now have ADSB requirements, what is next N number registration? This is a way over the top.

  16. When it is able to carry a pilot and provide the means for this pilot to exercise flight control, it certainly could be thought of as “full scale”.

  17. Sure go big and bigger but please control the energy vector when pointed toward spectators!

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