Terrific Tempest

Apr 07, 2016 5 Comments

Built from Vailly Aviation plans, this 1/5-scale Hawker Tempest V has a 98-inch wingspan and weighs in at 43 pounds. Power is provided by a Desert Aircraft 85cc engine spinning a Menz 26×10 prop. Builder and pilot Andy Wynn notes that the warbird also sports homemade retracts and exhaust stacks from Fighter Aces. Thanks to Dean and Pete Coxon [...]

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Coming Soon! — WACO Model-SRE Construction Article

Apr 07, 2016 No Comments

From our good friend and long time MAN contributor Pat Tritle, this newest project of his is the impressive WACO Model-SRE biplane. Intended as a sport scale lightly loaded flier, the WACO has traditional built-up wood construction, and, Pat offers last cut parts and plastic formed pieces to make the build just a bit easier. The model [...]

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Road to Top Gun: F-15C Eagle

Apr 06, 2016 No Comments

We just heard from Jason Bauer who will be flying in a couple of classes at Top Gun. For the Unlimited class Jason will be flying his F-15C Eagle built from the Avonds kit. His 1/9-scale jet is 86 inches long, is powered by a King and weighs 29 pounds. (Above) just a little of the after-burner [...]

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Toledo Show Model Airplane Winners

Apr 05, 2016 11 Comments

This past weekend we had an amazing time at the Toledo show, and saw some top notch models in the static competition. Some of the models on display we had been keeping track of while others were a pleasant surprise to see. All the entries were of the highest caliber and in some classes, the competition [...]

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Airtronics: end of an era

Apr 02, 2016 10 Comments

Unfortunate news from a longtime U.S. Radio brand. Here is the official release from Global Hobby: Sanwa is restructuring their business. It involves changes in product, sales, pricing, and other elements. Based on all of this, we have chosen to stop doing business with them as it doesn’t fit our business schedule. What this means [...]

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Florida Jet Week — Special Award Winners

Mar 30, 2016 No Comments

Something new happened at Paradise Field in Lakeland, FL this year that captured the attention of a lot of the RC jet modelers. It was a nearly week long gathering, at an excellent facility, of guys who just loved to build, fly and talk about, model jets of all shapes and sizes. It also clearly [...]

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Exceptional Aeronca Chief

Mar 30, 2016 8 Comments

This beautifully detailed 1/4-scale Aeronca Chief is the handiwork of Icelandic modeler Sturla Snorrason. A completely scratch-built project, the model features traditional wood construction. Sturla notes, “A lot of time went into the drawings along with study of my full size airplane.” A lot of time also went into the detailing, including the true to scale cockpit! [...]

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The snap roll: do it right!

Mar 30, 2016 7 Comments

The snap roll is an advanced maneuver that you’ll first encounter in the IMAC Sportsman sequence. It evolves into more difficult variations in the upper classes of competition. It is one of the most difficult maneuvers in which to consistently achieve a high score because it requires a keen sense of timing, throttle management and [...]

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